Alternative use for Tote Bags

Tote bags come in all shapes and sizes.  They are hidden gems that people don’t always use to their full potential.  Here at Beau & Elliot we have several shapes and sizes and this month we are giving you some ideas on how helpful a tote bag really can be.

Insulated Shoulder Tote

The beach tote bag…

♥ Not only will this bag fit your lunch but if you put your sun cream in too, it is more likely to stay cool.  How great is that, applying cool sun cream!  Don’t forget to use your ice packs to keep things cool.

♥ When the day out is over and you have soggy wet swimwear, clothes and/or towels, pop them in your tote bag because it is waterproof it will keep your car dry.

♥ Why not take your tote bag with you shopping. Ideal for carrying home all your fridge/freezer purchases!! I always keep one in the car.

♥ Our insulated tote bags have that extra padding making them ideal to transport any items that need a bit of protection, knitting, scrap-booking, or crocheting.

♥ These larger tote bags can even be used as an over night bag.

Oyster Convertible Lunch Bag

The convertible lunch bag.

♥ This size bag is ideal for a day bag, fill it with all your favourite foods (an an ice pack) then head out on your adventure.

♥ Why not use it while supporting your children’s hobbies, whether it’s a day by the football / rugby pitch or poolside any parent supporting their children’s hobbies will always be armed with food, snacks, drinks & entertainment. Carry it in style with a convertible bag.

♥ When the convertible bag is clipped down at the sides this size is perfect as a vanity bag and will not only hold all your make up but also protect it.

♥ It can be used as a day baby bag.  Not every parent wants to go out with a huge baby bag.  You will be able to fit in a pack of wipes, some nappies, a muslin, toy, hand sanitizer, your phone, keys, water & drink for baby plus any snacks & food baby or you might need.

♥ Or just use this lovely bag to carry your work lunch in!!

Linear Vacuum Flask  Quartz Insulated Lunch Tote

The smaller tote bags:

♥ These are perfect for carrying your lunch. Some of us at Beau & Elliot don’t carry handbags as these hold our lunch, keys, purse & phone, what more do you need?

♥ An alternative idea is use them again as a vanity bag to carry your make-up, which will of course be protect by the padded sides.


What will you use your’s for…? The choice is yours.