Back to School Lunch Bag Ideas

Back to school is just around the corner.  School lunches can get boring and repetitive, especially when you have to try and think of 5 different options every week, so we have come up with some alternative ideas on how to make them more fun and healthier for your little ones:

1️⃣ Try wraps, pittas and flat breads instead of the humble loaf and pack them full of all your favourite ingredients and no need for butter or spreads making them healthier and easier to make.
2️⃣ Pop in some fruit. If you can peel it for them and put the segments in a pot this will help those little fingers. A lovely colourful fruit salad will cheer up their faces.
***Remember to cut grapes the long way (length-ways) and not width-ways.***
3️⃣ Ditch those fried crisps and plump for the healthier snacking option with rice cakes, popcorn and baked crispbreads all proving a tasty alternative.
4️⃣ They always need a little something else, a little treat, but avoid chocolate and sugary snacks if you can. Try yoghurt or jelly pots instead but don’t forget to pop in a spoon.
5️⃣ Lastly but definitely not least THE DRINK. Make sure your little ones have a water bottle and perhaps an extra drink in their lunch bag to keep them hydrated throughout the day.

6️⃣ Remind them you love them. Sometimes a little note in there gives them the encouragement to enjoy the rest of their day. If not a note perhaps a little picture of you and them or of the family.

Oh and don’t forget the lunch bags & drinks bottles to keep that all cool, fresh and tasty.  We have lots of fun and interactive lunch bags on our website:

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