Beau & Elliot from the Beginning

Our brand name Beau & Elliot was adopted from one of our design teams two beautiful pups:  Beau and Elliot and was then launched in 2013.



Ray & David









Beau and Elliot is a brand of Navigate Ltd which has been established since 2001. Our talented marketing guys at Navigate Ltd realised there was a gap in the Adult lunch-on-the-go market for stylish and modern products that meet our ever changing lifestyle needs.

Beau & Elliot’s DNA remains at the core of our designs today.  ‘Confetti’ print design was quickly adopted into the market and became a leading brand.  Over the years this design was transferred to kitchen and tableware items, moving from, storage, oven dishes, textiles and tableware.  In 2016, we introduced ‘Circuit’ our men’s lunch-on-the-go range and our ‘Orchard’ garden gifting range.

‘Champagne Edit’ received ‘Highly Commended’ status in the Gift of the Year fashion awards in 2018.  The Champagne Edit edition holds the prestigious millennium pinks and grey trending colours; Blush, Oyster & Dove.  Look out for our new products launching 2019.

The Boutique British Brand inspired by all things Charmingly Chic and Beguilingly Beautiful.