Beau & Elliot Saves Valentine’s

Beau & Elliot Saves Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day – the day of the year when you’re supposed to go out for dinner with your partner.  Have you ever done this?  We don’t know about you but there is nothing worse than doing just that! Going out for an overpriced dinner with your partner to be surrounded by other couples!

Valentine’s Day- this year falls on a Thursday!

Cooking for your loved one after a full day at work or after putting the kids to bed can be stressful.  Not to mention if you are a parent you already cooked for the kids.  Which means two lots of clearing up because you want to make a “special” dinner!

A takeaway perhaps?  Always nice but then you might still have to cook for the kids or be counting sins! Or be victim to those dreaded words “We are very busy, delivery will be in an hour!”

Well you don’t need to worry about any of these things!  We can help you take the pressure off this year!  With our guide to surviving Thursday night Valentine’s.   Be you single, married, courting (ha), a parent or slimming!  How we hear you shout!  With a sofa picnic of course!

Our Guide to surviving Thursday night Valentine’s

Make yourself, your partner, or your little ones a pre-made picnic ready for you to demolish as soon as you get home.  Why not have one for the kids and then one for you and your partner. After all you don’t want the little ones getting all the goodies!

Picture this, the kids come home from school and you don’t have to cook for them!  Why not? Well because you made everything the day before and you can spectacularly reveal a special Valentine’s sofa picnic for them when they get in from school.

So what to pack for your sofa picnic?

For the kids- yes you can go for it and get the cookie cutter out to make little heart sandwiches and fill a bowl with sweetie hearts.  The truth is, it doesn’t really matter what you pack for your sofa picnic.  The kids will love it because by doing a little bit of preparation the day before you will be giving them the most valuable commodity we all have – TIME. 

The same goes for you and your partner! Nothing to do on Valentine’s Day except be present and in the moment enjoying precious time with your loved ones!

No pressure, just present!  We are actually looking forward to it now!

Love Beau and Elliot